Enabling an events business

Defining a future technology environment and roadmap to enable the business vision.

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) is a well known organisation specialising in large scale Event Management in Melbourne. The impacts of COVID-19 forced their business into a new paradigm where digital and physical events merged. They soon discovered that the role of technology had become more important in their business and that the limitations of their existing vertically integrated solutions were constraining their ability to transform the operation of the business. They needed a technology environment that would allow them to modernise their business.

Imagine a technology vision for the future

Engaging with the Executive team we established an understanding of how MCEC wanted to transform the business and we shared insights on how technology could support their future goals.

Architect to improve agility and utilise current investments

We proposed a new target architecture to improve the agility of the technology environment to respond to business change, supporting digital innovation at the front and shared enterprise capabilities for automation, integration, and data.

Realise through existing programs to build foundations

We showed how the new architecture could be enabled through delivering the capability required though their planned program of work, while also setting up the organisation for ongoing transformation in the future.

“The CharterX team helped us gain clarity on the vision for the future technology landscape and a plan of how to achieve it”

Graeme Dunn, Director of Information Technology, MCEC

We work with a core team of practitioners, associate consultants and leverage our partner network to complement our services by providing access to specialised capability.

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