You’ve invested in a single view of customers…But do they have a single view of you?

Recently I was shopping online and experienced the type of customer experience we’ve all grown used to – personalised marketing and suggestions based on my previous purchases and the items that I was looking at.

However, I decided that I wanted to physically see the item that I was after before deciding to buy, so I visited the store. Here I had a totally different experience, not only unknown to the store but had to search for someone to help me. Later when there was a problem with the product, I had a different experience again.

This experience led me to consider that while many of our clients have invested in CRM and customer analytics solutions, creating a single view of their customers to drive personalised marketing and digital experience, very few of them have made the same investments to drive a common customer experience across all channels or even product lines. Organisations have a single view of their customers, but their customers don’t have a single view of them!

If customer experience and engagement is a key competitive battleground in the new economy, why do so many organisations ignore this fundamental aspect?

One reason is that many organisations plan “inside-out”. That is, they start with what they know, their products and services, and plan how to deliver these to the market and customers in a profitable manner. Focusing on understanding their customers and building intelligence on what customers are purchasing.

At CharterX we believe that customer experience needs to be at the core of everything you do, and this requires planning with an “outside-in” lens. We start with understanding and reimagining the customer experience that your customers expect and value across all channels and products. We then work with you to rearchitect the business and the supporting technology to implement this vision and realise the real benefits for your business delivering the experiences aligned to your brand promise.

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